Alisa Vynohradova

Computer Programming and Analysis Student at Conestoga College looking for a co-op position

My Projects

Here are some of my projects, which I have been working on recently. Some of them are finished, whereas others are still in progress.


Emojillite is a tool for people to explore major satellites that orbit Earth and discover the data they are collecting.

Emojillite uses emojis to visualize the real-time satellite data as well as their positioning to entertain and educate people on what data is collected and what it is used for.

I was working on this project on the hackathon "Space Apps" in autumn, 2019 with some of my friends.

Have a look at the satellites now!
Rapunzel's Light
Rapunzel Game Rapunzel Game

This is a game made via MonoGame. There is a boat with Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn Ryder) on the main Play Scene. Chinese lanterns are falling down, and player has to move the boat so as to catch them, so they wouldn’t pollute the river. When he or she catches the light, they recieve 10 points, but when miss it - loose 5 points.

Logic Tasks
Logic Tasks Logic Tasks

The result of this work is a software product – an electronic collection of logical tasks, which can be used to train attention, memory and ingenuity. This project is made via Microsoft Visual Studio, C#.

The project includes following tasks: "Schulte", "Words", "Numbers", "Same", "Find Items", "Transfusion", "Crossing", "Attention"

Harry Potter Fan Page
Harry Potter

This is a website, which I made in HTML and CSS, there are several pages, which use different HTML features.